Bolt Technical Support

All users, couriers, partners, and drivers have situations where they need to contact support with questions and situations. Bolt employees have added the ability to leave a question in Bolt, Bolt Food, Bolt Driver, Bolt Courier, and Bolt Restaurant App.

Bolt Technical Support

Support for Bolt users

Bolt customer support is available through the Bolt and Bolt Food mobile apps. There you can find a question you’re interested in, or ask your own. You can also write about a problem with a ride:

  • forgotten items;
  • problems with delivery or packaging;
  • the cost turned out to be higher;
  • report a serious incident;
  • disrespectful behavior by the driver;
  • ask for a receipt;
  • other problem.

Support for Bolt drivers

More information about Bolt driver support is available on the official website.

The site provides as much disclosed answers to topics as possible:

  • income;
  • technical problems;
  • Bolt usage;
  • account questions;

If you have a direct question for support, you can ask through the Bolt Driver app.

Support for partners

A special Bolt Restaurant App has been created for Bolt partner restaurants. You can use it to contact support and ask questions.

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